Project Description

We are Ballarat Web Design. If you don’t already know us I would like to introduce ourselves. We’re Liv and Anthony, I (Liv) own and run the business, draw the illustrations you see and build the websites. Anthony assists with php coding and managing clients while I continue to work 4 days a week at another job to support myself to run this business. He also built and runs SEO Ballarat, getting businesses and my clients found online.

I built BWD around my love of graphic design and of course computers. I even started off never wanting to learn how to code, oh how I was wrong in that haha! I now code and tweak the websites I create myself and when I run into walls I have my trusty partner Anthony to assist me. These last two years have been a wonderful roller coaster of learning how to run a business, work together and have meet wonderful clients. To all the amazing people I’ve met along the way and all the support I have from my friends and family I would like to send out a big thank you.  Especially to Anthony my number one supporter who I couldn’t do any of this without! Also a big shout out to the very talented Finding Femme   for her gorgeous engagement photo of us! Here’s to building this dream into everything I am working towards.