Earlier this week our very own website decided it didn’t want to get out of weekend mode and function. Luckily as website developers we are equipped to handle these situations (aka lots of coffee). Websites can be fickle creatures sometimes, they need updating and regular maintenance to function and even with all the care in the world one part of the code can break and bam! your website isn’t working. We’ve got some tips about what to do and what not to do when your website isn’t working.


Don’t panic

As a frequent self proclaimed overreactor I like to state this multiple times to myself and you, please don’t panic. Yes, it’s frustrating your website has gone down or is having issues but panicking will only get you so far. Take a big breath and gulp of coffee or any other beverage you may want to reach for and get to work.


Assess the damage

There can be many things that happens in the world of websites that can cause issues with your site. Common issues for WordPress sites, which is what we usually build on, is updates and outdated plugins. If you have access to the back end of your website, take a quick look for any updates that are available and do some light troubleshooting to determine what the cause may be. Other issues could be related to hosting so its always good to check up on your provider for any outages or known issues they may be having. Its always good to check what is and isn’t working e.g. Are your emails working? What error do you get when accessing the site? It is just you who can’t access it, or is it everyone? etc


Check your backups

Please, and I mean please backup your site on a regular basis. You can do this via your hosting provider or there are many helpful plugins that you can set up to backup regularly. If you can restore your site to a previous time when your site was working and troubleshoot any updates it may need.


Let people know whats going on

If you think your website is going to be down for a little while let your customers and clients know as soon as possible. Emailing and posting on social media is a quick way to get the word out there that your site is being worked on and how to contact you if they need anything. Another good idea is to put your site into maintenance mode with a plugin and leave your contact details there for any urgent requests.


Contact your IT support

If you built your website yourself dont worry too much as there is many resources available online for troubleshooting websites. However, in the case of when you can’t figure it out or you need a professional to handle it contact a trusted IT professional. At Ballarat Web Design we have 9 years combined IT experience to assist you with any website questions or issues.


Ballarat Web Design can help

If you need support for fixing your website you can contact us, you don’t need to have been a previous client but we will need full access to your site. You can contact us on 0412 629 338 or email us at [email protected] and [email protected]. We may provide after hours support but surcharges may apply.